Timeline: History of the Postcard

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Australian Cartophilic Society

The Australian Cartophilic Society was formed when five interested collectors met on 13th July 1968.

NSW Postcard Collectors Society

The NSW Postcard Collectors Society caters not only for postcard collectors but also for collectors of cigarette cards, trade cards, playing cards etc.

Philatelic Society of Canberra

Queensland Card Collectors Society Inc. (‘QCCS’)
Queensland Card Collectors Society

The Queensland Card Collectors Society Inc. is an incorporated club of approx. 100 members who collect postcards, trade cards and cigarette cards.

The membership is mainly from within the state of Queensland but includes people from most of the other Australian states plus several other countries.

The Society’s sister club is in Washington Crossing, PA, USA.

Tasmanian Philatelic Society

Western Australian Card Collectors’ Society

The Western Australian Card Collectors’ Society interests cover most paper ephemera including cigarette cards, playing cards, trade cards, menus, sheet music, coasters and calendars. But postcards are the primary interest.

New Zealand Postcard Society Inc.

The New Zealand Postcard Society was established in 1983 and was registered as an incorporated society in 2001.

Its members are avid collectors of classic and historical postcards, offering trades, sales and events.

Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City

The Metropolitan Postcard Society of New York City carries on the traditions of the old Metropolitan Post Card Collectors; the oldest continuously run postcard club in the USA since 1946.

The Society facilitates the exchange of postcards between collectors and dealers. It is also dedicated to the free exchange of information and ideas to further the understanding of deltiology.