Founded in South Australia April 2009


The Second Postcard Exhibition
5 - 6 MAY 2012

The Australian Postcard Society Inc. began with a group of interested people meeting on Thursday, 5th March, 2009, to discuss the formation of a postcard club in Adelaide, the smallest of the mainland capital cities of Australia, population approx. 1,300,000.

Since then an interim committee followed by an elected committee have achieved the following milestones:-

1. Decided on a club name and become registered as an incorporated body.

2. Become affiliated with the South Australian Philatelic Council with the benefits of

• meeting place
• insurance cover
• come under the umbrella of the Australian Philatelic Federation via the Council

3. Held an Inaugural Meeting where over 40 people attended and had 32 financial members by the end of the night. A Souvenir Postcard was available on the night with a special set of Counter Printed Stamps and cancelled with a special Club Postmarker believed to be the first of its type issued.

4. Have had our Inaugural Annual General Meeting and election of a committee.

5. Have a website set up courtesy of two of our members with general information, a member’s area, and links to other Australian clubs.

6. Four quarterly club magazines have been issued.

7. Organised our first postal bid auction which is listed on the website.

8. Our membership has steadily increased to a total of 73 members with our first junior member joining this month.

Club meetings are held monthly with items of interest from a nominated topic each meeting along with a display from a member. Members can bring postcards for sale, an auction is held, and tea/coffee is available.

Any questions or matters of interest please contact

The Secretary, Linda Welden   email to
PO Box 281, Edwardstown, South Australia , 5039   phone 0421 367 665



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